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UWITGO S5 Cruise Control Foldable Electric Scooter

UWITGO S5 As a new pedaling type electric scooter, UWITGO S5 adopted the latest design concept of cruise control technology, which is widely used in cars, so the users can pedal the ground and the scooter will come into a rated speed status. Besides, it equipped with an innovative cruise control app, which makes it more intelligent.

S5 Product  Instructions

According to ergonomics , to keep it lightweight, integrated, by using aviation aluminum material, our product has following characteristics:

2-1 Small volume;

2-2 Light weight;

2-3 High intensity;

2-4 Quick folding ( foldable body & handle);

2-5 Cruise control;

2-6 Height can be adjusted freely;

2-7 Shock absorber (double shock absorber);

2-8 Integrated design of mechanical brake and electronic brake;

2-9 Head adjustment angle: 135 degrees, 360 degrees;

S5 Safety Instructions

6-1 Electric scooters must use original parts, otherwise it will be prone to danger;

6-2 Adjust the height of the electric scooter to suit your height before riding;

6-3 Select an electric scooter with better braking performance and be familiar with the brake position;

6-4 Beginners should slide on a road with a small slope and gradually increase the difficulty (prescribed: the slope is not more than 20 degrees). Do not slide on slippery or overly bumpy roads;

It is recommended to use some safety measures such as helmets, gloves, knee pads and wristbands;

6-5 This product is limited to one person. Do not carry more than 2 people at the same time; Adjust the height to the proper position to ensure safe driving; Minors need to have an adult or a parent to accompany them when use the product;

6-6 Do not ride on unsafe places such as motor vehicle lanes or violates regulations;

6-7 Do not make dangerous moves or do one-handed rides while the scooter is moving. Keep your feet on the pedals;

6-8 Do not try to directly pass the step with a gap of more than 3 cm. This may cause the scooter to be subverted, causing damage to the user along with the scooter; For steps below 3 cm, please try to avoid it;

6-9 Do not immerse the product in the water with the depth more than 5 cm so as to avoid damage to the electrical part of the product due to water ingress;

6-10 In the bad weather such as rainy, snowy and windy, try to avoid riding, so as to avoid unnecessary damage;

6-11 If the product is fully charged, charge it at least once a month if you leave it unused, and make sure the battery is sufficient after charging. If it is not powered (when the power is exhausted), make sure to charge it once within 7 days the battery is sufficient after charging.

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