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How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters

How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters

With the further refinement of urban division of labor, especially in large cities, there have been obvious regionalization. The city center is a high-density commercial shopping and entertainment center, commercial office center, and there are well-equipped basic transport facilities, so the city center traffic is very convenient, but because of the city center rent and high cost of living, making a lot of white-collar workers Work in the city center, but only in a slightly remote rent of the lower suburbs to live. And more suburban transport facilities is not very perfect, white-collar workers are often take a subway after the need to turn one or two times the bus, a lot of time spent on traffic, but also makes white-collar workers feel tired of work to work.

Electric scooter precautions

1. Check the battery power Please carefully check the car before the connection is solid and the battery is sufficient, less than 2 grid is not recommended to drive.

2. Compliance with traffic regulations In accordance with the relevant road traffic safety law, do not ride in the motor vehicle lane, please under the guidance of professional maintenance staff to debug the code table, in order to avoid operating errors caused by security risks.

2. Beginners are advised to recommend learning in a relatively flat and flat place. Balanced car with dual system mode, the factory default player mode, beginners adjustable for beginners to learn.

4. To avoid rapid emk of sudden fall risk. If you fall risk, please take care of personal safety.

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